Mankind was not born to sit and wonder but to Explore

World Traveler 365


We love to travel weather in luxury or backpacking we want to experience life. We love to see new things, explore history, cultures, art, cuisine. World Traveler 365 is anyone who wants to see the wonders of the world first hand like going to around the world to find the Northern Lights (Tromso, Norway) .  

A World Traveler is able to say We've Been There!

What is a Professional Travel Advisor


We are travel agents who have trained and are licensed by the Travel Industry.  We are here to help you plan the best trip possible.  We are here to save you the time and provide you something the Internet can't;

Personal Professional Service !

Why use a Travel Agency?


 Our Travel Professionals have access to specials that you may not find on the internet.  We also work with the travel suppliers directly and can offer amenities to create great value. We are a service oriented business. Our goal with World Traveler 365 is to not only meet your expectations

 but to exceed them. 

About Us


Our Founder

Dayton Owens is the creator and founder of World Traveler 365.  He loves to travel and explore the world all 365 days of a year..  Dayton wanted to share his love for travel with others and help them see amazing places.  So, using his 45 plus years of traveling experience he decided to open a travel agency based on personal service.   My greatest joys are hearing from our customers what an incredible time they had. 


What makes World Traveler 365 different?

We want you to feel like you are part of the family of travelers and not just a customer.  We want each and everyone of you to have the best experience weather traveling in luxury like on a Crystal Cruise or backpacking to Machu Picchu.  It is all about providing value and personal service.


Why become a part of the World Traveler 365 family of travelers?

We provide you with personal service, value, saving you hours of time planning. We ask you tons of questions to make sure we find the right vacation for you. We take the planning and worry out of traveling and put the relaxation and joy back into it.   So please fill out the form below and become part of the World Traveler 365 family.

How can we Assist you with your next Adventure?

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Our Goal is to help you have the best travel experience possible. So please call us or email and we will be glad to help you anyway we can. 

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